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My name is Daniela Vega and I'm proudly a Latin-American woman leading a Data Science team in a fintech. My whole career I have worked in an industry where gender inequality is a daily struggle and I have tried to fight back. One of the first things I have done towards changing this reality was awareness among my peers, with talks or simple messages. Don't use words like "girl" when referring to women at work, or don't say only Sirs when women and men are in the room. Most of them don't even realize they used language as a segregating component, but they started to change it and women in the company began to feel heard. Additionally, I encourage recruiting process in my area where at least 40% of the candidates are women. This number is not ideal yet, but as more women feel they have at least the opportunity to enter the tech world, more will be willing to study and improve their skills. Fighting gender inequality is hard work that we will achieve with not only committed women but also receptive men who are ready to start the process of understanding they are also part of the change.

Este articulo publicando en Chile, cuenta como la empresa que estoy actualmente Xepelin, ha crecido y en parte ha sido gracias a mi trabajo como líder del equipo de data. He compartido esto, porque después de que fue publicado la cantidad de mujeres que aplicaron a la empresa subió un 15%, logramos que más mujeres se sintieran identificadas y capaces de asumir roles en el mundo de la tecnología.