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MO Technologies
People should know that I’m a creative mind focusing on innovation in the digital space and financial inclusion. Since I started working, I’ve been in the TMT space so my passion for technology has been present since the beginning of my journey. Years after starting my professional life, I landed at Mastercard where I discovered my love for payments & digitization and the importance of financial inclusion. I understood that the way to achieve financial inclusion was mixing two passions: technology and finance. An idea started growing, creating a technology with the objective of being complementary to the traditional financial sector. Then MO was born, and I was appointed CEO this year! What makes me a woman to build is the love for what I do. I was lucky enough to work for companies where women cause was part of the DNA. I’ve participated in women empowerment activities: women recruitment in universities, talks, empowering women entrepreneurship. I’ve participated in all “girlsintech” events and wish to build a women empowerment initiative at MO in the years to come. At MO, women are part of an ecosystem where they’re decision makers as much as men. I work hard to help women find their way into technology and data, even if it is tough because not a lot of women choose these degrees yet. I think it’s time to start working on the root cause: education.Ultimately my career shows how a woman can emerge in the business world up to be an entrepreneur.
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