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Globant Awards
Women that Build Edition

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December 10th

12pm EST - 6pm CET - 10:30pm IST

Logo - Globant Awards Women that Build 2020 Edition

The IT community already nominated those women who inspire, who build, who lead and help create change. Get ready, now it's the time to know the winners!

Award categories

Tech Executive

We will recognize a woman with a STEM degree or similar professional background with a leadership position (a C-level executive, VP, Director, or managerial role) who is an inspiration to both women and the industry at large.


We will recognize a leading professional, without formal training in STEM, who holds a leadership position (a C-level executive, VP, Director, or managerial role) who has made a direct impact in the IT industry.


We will recognize a woman under the age of 26, or with less than 10 years of experience in IT, who demonstrates innovation through the use of technology and has high potential as a role model for her peers.

And the national winners are...!

Get to know the outstanding women from each country that are rocking the IT industry and who will go on to the final round of the awards.

Tech Executive

Teresa Santana

Chief Geophysicist & Geophysics Advisor, YPF


Soledad Acuña

Co-founder & Operative Director, Asociación Civil Comunidad IT


Malena Saavedra

Project lead, Educación IT Gobierno de Buenos Aires

Tech Executive

Vania Neves

CIO Brazil Pharma | Head Of Innovation at GSK


Mariana Vasconcelos

CEO, Director & Founder, Agrosmart


Karen Santos

CEO & Product Designer, UX para Minas Pretas

Tech Executive

Rossy Alegría

Gerente General, Konstruyendo


Katherine Yubiza Vergara

Content Director, Ingeniosas


Carolina Sepulveda

Head of UX, 2Brains

Tech Executive

Olga Lucía López

Vice President & CIO, ISA Interconexión Eléctrica S.A. E.S.P.


Sandra Castro

CEO, Tan Grande y Jugando


Sindey Carolina Bernal

Coordinator of "Investigación+Desarrollo+Innovación", Universidad El Bosque

Tech Executive

Rosanna Sibora

Head Of It Innovation, Universal Music Entertainment Gmbh


Patricia Benito

General Manager, Openbank


Fatima El baghdadi Ourag

Data Scientist, CaixaBank

Tech Executive

Sudha Bhamidipati

Co-founder, worxogo


Simmi Dhamija

Chief Transformation Officer, Tech Mahindra


Afreen Ban

Sr. Software Advisory Engineer, Pitney Bowes Pvt. Ltd,

Tech Executive

Ana Habib

Founder & CEO, Bot Latam


Graciela del Carmen Rojas

President & founder, Movimiento Steam


Andrea Campos Guerra

CEO, Yana

Tech Executive

Natalie Gil

Corporate Chief Architect & Digital Strategist, Auna


Macarena Arribas Berckemeyer

CEO, MAB Your Learning Coach


Julissa Rodríguez

.NET Programmer Analyst, GFI Perú

Tech Executive

Karina Santo

CEO, Genexus Consulting


Magdalena Giuria

Co-Founder, Brava


Laura Daniela Vargas

Senior Data Analyst, PedidosYa

Tech Executive

Vidya Narayanan

Co-Founder & CEO, Rizzle


Cecilia Flores

CMO & Cofounder, Weebee


Aleena Taufiq

Data Scientist, Verizon

From September 9th to November 8th


November 11th

Selection process

December 3rd
6 pm
5 pm BST
4 pm
10 am
7pm CET
6 pm
11 am CST
11 am
7 pm
6 pm ET
US & Canada

National Winners Announcement

  • - Opening
  • - Women in IT: local landscape
  • - Keynote speakers
  • - And the winners are!
  • - Networking and booth exploration

Show local times

  • - Argentina - 6 pm
  • - Brasil - 5 pm BST
  • - Chile - 4 pm
  • - Colombia - 10 am
  • - Europe - 7 pm CET
  • - India - 6 pm
  • - Mexico - 11 am CST
  • - Peru - 11 am
  • - Uruguay - 7 pm
  • - US & Canada - 6 pm ET
December 10th
12pm EST
6pm CET
10:30 pm IST

Global Women That Build Awards Gala

  • - Opening
  • - Keynote speakers
  • - And the global winners are!
  • - Closing show

Show local times

  • 12pm EST
  • 6pm CET
  • 10:30 pm IST

Judging Panel

Our panel of judges is made up of specialists from the academic and business worlds, opinion leaders, and NGOs specializing in the empowerment and training of women.

Linda Rottenberg

CEO & Co-founder, Endeavor Global

Shari Loessberg

Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management

The Edge

Chairman of Endeavor Ireland & Guitarist for U2

Guibert Englebienne

CTO & Co-founder, Globant

Martín Migoya

CEO & Co-founder, Globant

Patricia Pomies

Chief Delivery & People Officer, Globant

Anuj Mehrotra

Dean of George Washington School of Business

Sandra Sieber

Professor, IESE Business School

Gabriela Terminielli

Co-Chair, Women Corporate directors

Julia Bearzi

Executive Director, Endeavor Argentina

Laura Barnator

General Manager Uruguay & Argentina, Unilever

Melina Masnatta

Social entrepreneur in Education and Technology issues with a gender perspective, Ashoka Fellow

Silvia Torres Carbonell

Professor & Director, IAE Business School

Nicolas Kaplun

General Manager Latin America, Globant

Ana Paula Pessoa

Board Chair, Kunumi AI

Catalina Manrique

VP Customer Officer & GSSP for Latin America & Caribbean

Martha Gabriel

Best seller author, professor and international keynote speaker

Renata Albertim

CEO, Mete a Colher

Jane de Freitas

Head of Institutional Marketing and Strategic Relationship at ESPM

Mercedes Mac Pherson

Chief Talent and Diversity Officer, Globant

Barbarita Lara

MIT innovator under35 LATAM & GLOBAL, Chilean innovator and inventor of the year, CEO at EMERCOM

Kathleen Collins Barclay

Board of directors member of Bicecorp SA, Banco BICE SA, Banco Caja Social SA and Corporación Cultural Teatro del Lago.

Leslier Valenzuela

Director MBA WK Facultad de Economía y Negocios, Universidad de Chile

Rocio Fonseca Chamorro

Executive Director, Innova Chile CORFO

Jorgelina Albano

CEO & Founder and Executive Board Advisor- Gender Equality en Alabadas)

Patricia Pomies

Chief Delivery & People Officer, Globant

Olga Botero

Partner, Managing Director & CEO, C&S Customers and Strategy

Claudia Palacios

Colombian journalist and writer

Elkin Echeverri

Planning and Foresight Director Ruta N Medellin

Maritza Perez

EVP Personal Banking & Mktg, Banco Davivienda

Mercedes Mac Pherson

Chief Talent and Diversity Officer, Globant

Rubby Casallas

Coordinator Master of Software Engineering MISO. University of the Andes

Adriana Cisneros

CEO of Cisneros

Kathryn Parsons

Co-founder & CEO, Decoded

Esther Paniagua

Award winning Spanish tech journalist and writer

Gabriella Orille

Global innovation Officer, AndBank & co-CEO, MyInvestor

Sandra Subel

Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Axel Springer SE

Verónica Pascual

CEO, ASTI Technologies Group

Malin Andersson

Head of Design, JPMorgan Chase

Araceli García Cuartango

Academic Director of Master in Computer Science & Business Technology, IE University

Martin Umaran

Chief of Staff, Globant

Sonali Palkar

Studio Partner, Globant

Madhukar Bhatia

Managing Partner, Pentathlon Ventures & Board member, GullyBuy

ElsaMarie D'Silva

Founder & CEO, Red Dot Foundation

Sukanya Misra

SVP and Head, Mastercard India Tech Hub

Roma Balwani

Communications & Brand Director, Vedanta Resources Limited

Beatriz Rivas Leal

Country Manager for Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean, GOintegro

Carlos Andrés Mendiola

Storyteller, Associate director, Tecnológico de Monterrey

Ana López Mestre

EVP & Managing Director, Amcham

Alejandra Paczka

People Transformation, Walmart Mexico & Central America

Guibert Englebienne

CTO & Co-founder, Globant

Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor

Founder and Chairman, Intercorp Group

Ekaterina Lazo

Career Director of Information Systems Engineering, USIL

Mariana Costa Checa

Co-founder & CEO, Laboratoria

Guibert Englebienne

CTO & Co-founder, Globant

Francesca Raffo

Deputy General Manager for People and Small Businesses, BCP

Beatriz Argimón

Vicepresident of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay

Eduardo Mangarelli

President, Endeavor, Dean of the Engineering School, Universidad ORT Uruguay

Magdalena Furtado

UN Women Representative, Uruguay

Nicolás Jodal

CEO, GeneXus

Sonia Cozzano

Dean of Engineering and Technology School. Catholic University of Uruguay

Patricia Pomies

Chief Delivery & People Officer, Globant

Idunn Jonsdottir

Chief Executive Director, IESE Business School

Donna Hrinak

Senior Vice President & Corporate Affairs, Royal Caribbean Group

Liesl Riddle

Associate Dean Graduate Programs, The George Washington University

Maggie Lake

Veteran business reporter, CNN/Reuters & board member RU Center for Women in Business

Fernando Matzkin

Chief Business Officer North America, Globant


Media Partners


Why “Women That Build”?

Women That Build is our corporate program created to promote the inclusion and professional growth of women in the IT industry. As part of our Be Kind and Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, it is a space where we encourage the participation of women in the technology industry, boosting the diversity and balance of talent, both within our organization and outside, in the communities we are part of.

What are the participating countries?

Women from the following countries/regions who work or have training in technology are participating: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, the United States, India, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Europe.

Where can I check the terms and conditions of the awards?

You can check Terms and Conditions here

What's the differente between the national events and the Global Gala?

The national events will announce the winners of each country/region, along with dissertations from local speakers. The Global Gala will be the core event, where the global winners will be awarded and will also count with the presence of keynote speakers and many surprises.

If I have more questions, what can I do?

You can write to us at women-awards@globant.com