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I started work in the nonprofit sector in the UK and over the course of 10-15 years worked for a range of organisations, becoming the accidental techie in most. I came across Salesforce in 2008 as the nonprofit I was working for looked to implement a new CRM. I fell in love.

Since then I have had an amazing career with lots of opportunity and learning tonnes of new skills every day.

But I also see the inequality.

I see that I, a cis white woman, can relatively easily change careers and be successful and so I started the Informal Salesforce Buddy program ( to match aspiring Salesforce professionals with existing Salesforce professionals.
Since launching just over a year ago, I have recruited and matched over 150 people, nearly 90% of whom are women, with Salesforce professionals around the world.

Many of these women have gone on to get jobs because of their hard work and determination.

Each month, those who are based in Australia come together to talk about different career topics. Each time, one of the aspiring professionals has the opportunity to present on a topic of their choosing, before we move into a panel discussion with guest speakers.