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Andressa Freires leaf


KOIN, AI Girls, Female Tech Leaders and Afropython
I think the best way to introduce myself is to say that I'm passionate about data and people!
I am a black women, and one of the few black women I know in this area that is a senior data scientists. I fight for the insertion of diversity in the technology area, mainly in Data. I do that by sharing knlowledge by giving free speeches, mentoring, workshops and classes of data and programming. I'm a columnist of Female Tech Leaders magazine, talking about AI, Data and Diversity. I am also the coordinator of AI Girls, an initiative that aims to include women in the field of AI and Data. I was the administrative coordinator of Uneafro, which offers popular courses to black and low-income youth. I'm part of AfroPython, giving speeches and classes, which is a movement for inclusion and empowerment of black people in the Information Technology area.
Representativeness is one of the most important things in the world for me and today I understand that the space I occupy is very important. So I fight to see people like me occupying more and more spaces in technology - that begs for diversity.