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Rhiannon Lawson leaf
Digital Leader


United Kingdom
Cabinet Office - Central Digital and Data Office
I have been in technology within government and the public sector for 5 years and worked in government policy for 10 years before that. I am an experienced deputy director/leader in digital data and technology with a demonstrated history of working in government policy, technology and cyber security. My remit includes strategic leadership in relation to technology policy, service design standards, technical writing, accessibility policy and cloud. The work I do is aimed at ensuring government can create services which better meet user needs.

As a civil servant I am committed to the values of honesty, integrity, objectivity and impartiality and have consciously role modelled them throughout my career.

I mentor women in and out of my organisation, speak at events, and at schools, I share my experiences of changing career and feeling out of place/having imposter syndrome and just being themselves wherever they are. I do everything I can to support those around me sharing my mistakes and how I learnt from them. I take on or support others with their challenges, particularly women and girls trying to move up and develop their skills. What is the point in breaking the glass ceiling if you just leave the shards behind to cut others?

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