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Mikaela Pisani leaf


I have been in the tech industry for the best part of a decade now. Since 2017, I have been involved with Girls in Tech, Uruguay. I originally started as a volunteer as it was something I felt passionate about, before eventually taking up the role of Co-Managing Director.
In 2003, I started out working for Netlabs as a junior developer before becoming a technical leader. I worked mainly designing Microservices, Middleware architectures, and fault tolerance systems, as well as implementing ETLs for a Big Data platform.
Courtesy of my Fulbright scholarship, I then made the trip to the U.S. to study at Texas Tech University, while continuing to work part-time with Netlabs. I also gained valuable experience working as a research assistant during my time studying in the U.S. Upon finishing my studies, I returned to Netlabs as a full-time Big Data Developer. After that, I took up my current position at Rootstrap as Head of Data Science, where I apply machine learning algorithms to generate value in data for our clients.
As well as being Head of Data Science at Rootstrap, I am also part of the AI Research team at ORT University. I’ve been featured in several publications most recently with LifeWire regarding data security and AI. I’ve also spoken at some conferences and events including Women in Tech Global Conference 2021 with the session How Women Need To Be Involved In Data Science To Prevent Bias In Algorithms.